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Investment Castings

Investment casting, which is also known lost wax casting or precision casting, refers to the formation of ceramic around the wax patterns to create a multi or single part mold to receive molten metal. This process utilizes an expendable injection molded wax pattern process to achieve complex structure with exceptional surface qualities. Firstly, our foundry will design and produce the casting mold as per the drawings (and/or 3D models) and detailed requirements from the customers or end users. To create a mold, a wax pattern, or cluster of patterns, is dipped into ceramic material several times to build a thick shell. De-wax process is then followed by the shell dry process. The wax-less ceramic shell is then produced. Molten metal is then poured into the ceramic shell cavities or cluster, and once solid and cooled, the ceramic shell is broken off to reveal the final cast metal parts. At RMC Foundry, we pour diverse kinds of metals by lost wax investment casting to offer stainless steel investment castings, alloy steel castings, grey cast iron investment castings, brass investment castings ,nickel based alloy castings, cobalt based alloy castings and aluminium alloy investment castings.