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Carbon steel is a group of steel with carbon as the main alloying element and a small amount of other chemical elements. According to the content of carbon, the cast carbon steel can be divided into low carbon cast steel, medium carbon cast steel and high carbon cast steel. The carbon content of low carbon cast steel is less than 0.25%, while the carbon content of medium cast carbon steel is between 0.25% and 0.60%, and the carbon content of high carbon cast steel is between 0.60% and 3.0%. The strength and hardness of cast carbon steel increase with the increase of carbon content. Cast carbon steel has the following advantages: lower production cost, higher strength, better toughness and higher plasticity. Cast carbon steel can be used to manufacture parts that bear heavy loads, such as steel rolling mill stands and hydraulic press bases in heavy machinery. It can also be used to manufacture parts that are subject to large forces and impact, such as wheels, couplers, bolsters and side frames on railway vehicles.