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Other Industries

casting pump and valve parts

As the fundamental manufacturing process, actually casting, forging and their further processing could produce almost all the metal parts that need support and strong functions. Our products are also serving the following industries:

  • • Valve and Pump Parts: Butterfly Valve Disc, Valve Body, Centrifugal Pump Body / Housing, Open/Semi-open/Closed Impellers, Camlock Couplings. 
  • • Hardware and Machinery Tools
  • • Motorcycle
  • • Shipbuilding
  • • Oil, Gas and Water Supply

Here in the following are the typical components serving the mechanical industrial customers by services of custom casting and/or machining from our factory:

stainless steel camlock
stainless steel 304 camlock
camlock lost wax casting-stainless steel aisi 316
camlock-lost wax casting stainless steel
stainless steel camlock from China company
valve disc by stainless steel investment casting


SS Camlocks

SS Camlocks

SS Camlocks

SS Camlocks

SS Valve Disc

flange-investment casting with brass
flange-brass investment casting and machining
flange-china investment casting-stainless steel
stainless steel investment casting flange
impeller-ductile iron-sand casting
pump housing-gray iron-sand casting foundry

Brass Flange

Brass Casting Flange

Alloy Steel Connector

Stainless Steel Flange

Casting Impeller

Casting Pump Body

impeller-investment casting-ss

Stainless Steel Impeller

impeller-investment casting with stainless steel

Semi-Open Impeller

pipe connector-sand casting-gray iron

Pump Housing

pipe fitting-gray iron-sand casting-1

Pipe Connector

pipe fittings-ductile iron-sand casting

Ductile Iron Valve Body

stainless steel cf8m casting valve disc

Butterfly Valve Disc

pump housing-gray iron-sand casting product

Pump Body

pump housing-gray cast iron-sand casting

Centrifugal Pump Body

pump housing-investment casting-ductile cast iron

Ductile Iron Pump Body

pump housing-investment casting-ss

SS Pump Body

stainless steel investment casting valve parts

DSS Valve Body

valve housing-investment casting-stainless steel

Stainless Steel Casting

brass valve body-investment casting

Brass Investment Casting

alloy steel valve body-investment casting-ss

Stainless Steel Casting Valve Body

valve disc-investment casting-stainless steel

Stainless Steel Casting Valve Disc

duplex stainless steel valve disc by investment casting

CF8M Stainless Steel Valve Disc

valve housing-investment casting stainless steel

AISI 316 / 1.4408 SS Valve Body

stainless steel casting and machined impeller

Stainless Steel Casting Open Impeller