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casting and machining truck spare parts

Commercial truck is one of the most widely used fields for castings, forgings and precision machining parts with natural finish or required surface treatment. For some usages, the heat treatment is also required to reach the mechanical properties that the drawings and application need. In our company, the parts of casting, forging, machining and other secondary processes are mainly used for the following sections:

  • Rocker Arms.
  • Transmission Gearbox
  • Drive Axles
  • Towing Eye
  • Engine Block, Engine Cover
  • Joint Bolt
  • Crankshaft, Camshaft
  • Oil Pan

Here in the following are the typical components by sand casting, investment casting and/or machining from our factory:

brake drum-gray iron-sand casting
diesel engine cover-gravity casting-aluminium alloy
gray iron casting gear housing
gray iron casting truck spare part
casting truck gear cover
aluminium alloy truck gear cover
aluminium alloy casting truck gear cover
casting truck spare parts from China
exhaust manifold-investment casting-stainless steel
transmission gearbox housing-lost foam casting-gray iron  (2)
alloy steel forging truck parts
grey iron casting truck parts
grey cast iron casting and machining truck spare parts
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