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Investment Casting Foundry

At the Lost Wax Investment Casting Foundry of RMC, our well-organized foundry equipment mainly include: Metal Tooling Workshop, Wax Injection Machines, Wax Patterns Workshop, Shell Building Workshop, Shell Pre-heating Furnace, Casting and Pouring Workshop, Grinding and Cleaning Machines, Testing and Packing Workshop.


Lost Wax Investment Casting Equipment


Investment Casting Equipment Inspection Equipment
Description Quantity Description Quantity
Injection Machine for tree 2 Hareness Tester 2
Wax Injection Machine 10 Spectrometer 2
Ice water machine 1 Metallurgical Microscope Tester 1
Stiring Tank 4 Tensile Strength Testing Machine 1
Sand Droping Machine 2 Low-Temperature Impact Testing Machine 1
Sand Boiling Machine 2 Dynamic Balancing Testing Machine 1
Automatic Shell Making Machine 1 Megnetic Tester 1
Hanger Drying Line 8 CMM 1
Auto-humid controller 2 Salt Spraying Tester 1
Central Air-conditioning 1 Water Pressure Tester 1
Dewaxing Furnace 1 Air Pressure Tester 1
Dewater Tank 10 Machining Machine
Medium-Frequency Induction Furnace 2 Vertical Machining Center 4
Baking Furnace 2 Horizontal Machining Center 3
Hanger Type Shot Blasting Machine 1 CNC Lathing Machine 14
Cutting Machine 2 Vertical Drilling Machine 2
Air Plasma Cutting Machine 1 Milling and Drilling Machine 2
Abrasive Belt Machine 4 Tapping and Drilling Machine 8
Sand Blasting Booth 1 Grinding Machine 2
Drum Type Shot Blasting Machine 7 Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine 1
Pickling Equipment 2 Environmental protection equipment
Pressure Shaping Machine 4 Pulse Dust Collector 4
DC Welding Machine 2 Cartridge Pulse Dust Collector 3
Argon Arc Welding Machine 3 Acid Mist Processor 2
Electro-Polish Equipment 1 Auxiliary Equipment
Polishing Machine 10 Electric Transformer 1
Vibrate Grinding Machine 3 Air Compressor 6 CBM 1
Steam Generators 1 Air Compressor 2 CBM 2
Heat Treatment Furnace 3 Cooling Tower 2
Lost Wax Casting Toolings

Investment Casting Mold

wax patterns of investment casting process

Wax Patterns Workshop

Wax Replicas for Investment Castings

Wax Patterns

stainless steel investment casting companies

Wax Patterns

Precision Casting-Open-Impeller-Wax-Patterns

Wax Replicas for Open Impeller


Wax Replicas for Pump Casing Bottom


Investment Casting Wax Replica

wax replica for bearing housing

Bearing Housing Wax Replica

wax replicas for stainless steel  investment casting process

Wax Patterns

shell making at investment casting company

Shell Building

Shell Drying at China investment casting foundry

Shell Drying

stainless steel investment casting factory

Shell Drying

Metal Casting Pouring-Investment Casting company

Cooling and Solidification


Cooling and Solidification

stainless steel lost wax casting at China foundry

Cooling and Solidification

China stainless steel casting foundry

Cutting and Cleaning

stainless steel casting automotive parts

Finished investment castings

aisi 304 stainless steel casting auto parts

Finished investment castings

china metal cnc machining factories

Post-Machining Services

stainless steel casting auto spare parts

Investment Casting Products