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Investment Casting Foundry

Pouring the molten metal is the basic process for all kinds of casting, but for investment casting, we should have the shells pre-heated to the set temperature. In this way, the melten metal won't be solidified too quickly. This is to make sure the fluidity of the metals and reduce the casting defects. Moreover, at RMC Foundry, we test the chemical compositions of each furnace of molten metal before pouring. 

CNC Machining Equipment

The performance of CNC machining have great influences on the usage of the metal parts. Usually the CNC machines and machining centers of four-axis or five axis should be used for some structures, sizes and strict tolerances. Based on our rich experience in machining and thanks to our advanced equipment, we can do them for you.

Laser Cutting Machine

Laser Cutting Machining have great advantages in producing customized metal parts made from the sheets. We can have the precision sheets before bending, stamping and welding. It is widely used for the sheets of steel and saluminium alloy in small thickness.

Shell Making for Investment Casting

CNC Precision Machining

Shell Building for Investment Casting

Shell Builsing for Lost Wax Casting

Sand Adding at Investment Casting Foundry

Shell Drying for Investment Casting Foundry