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Aluminium Alloy Castings

Aluminium and its alloys could be cast and poured by high pressure die casting, low pressure die casting, gravity casting, sand casting, investment casting and lost foam casting. Usually, the aluminum alloy castings have less weight but complex structural and better surface.

What Aluminium Alloy We Cast by Sand Casting Process:

  • • Cast Aluminium Alloy by China Standard: ZL101, ZL102, ZL104
  • • Cast Aluminium Alloy by USA Stardard: ASTM A356, ASTM A413, ASTM A360
  • • Cast Aluminium Alloy by other Starndards: AC3A, AC4A, AC4C, G-AlSi7Mg, G-Al12

Aluminum Alloy Castings Characteristics:

  • • The casting performance is similar to that of steel castings, but the relative mechanical properties decrease more significantly as the wall thickness increases
  • • The wall thickness of castings should not be too large, and other structural features are similar to those of steel castings
  • • Light weight but complex structural
  • • The casting costs per kg of aluminium castings are higher than that of iron and steel castings.
  • • If produced by die casting process, the mold and pattern cost would be much higher than other casting processes. Therefore, die casting aluminium castings would be more suitable for castings of large demanding quantity.