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Alloy steel, which is widely cast by lost wax investment casting, is a group of alloy which mainly consist iron, carbon and other alloyed elements such as Mg, Cr, Mo, Ni, Mn etc. Casting alloy steel can be divided into cast low alloy steel (the total alloy elements are less than or equal to 5%), cast alloy steel (the total alloy elements are 5% to 10%) and cast high alloy steel (the total alloy elements are greater than or equal 10%). For the steel castings made of alloy steel, they usually have some unique mechanical properties such as heat resistance, wear resistance, stainless and corrosion resistance. 

Part of Cast Alloy Steel Grade for Investment Castings
No. China Japan Korea U.S.A. Germany France Russia 
1 ZG40Mn SCMn3 SCMn3 - - GS-40Mn5 1.1168 - -
2 ZG40Cr - - - - - - - 40Xл
3 ZG20SiMn SCW480 (SCW49) SCW480 LCC J02505 GS-20Mn5 1.112 G20M6 20гсл
4 ZG35SiMn SCSiMn2 SCSiMn2 - - GS-37MnSi5 1.5122 - 35гсл
5 ZG35CrMo SCCrM3 SCCrM3 - J13048 GS-34CrMo4 1.722 G35CrMo4 35XMл
6 ZG35CrMnSi SCMnCr3 SCMnCr3 - - - - - 35Xгсл