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Agricultural Machinery

agricultural machinery parts

The spare parts and OEM parts for agricultral equipment such as farm machinery, tractors and transportation trucks require a high precision as well as the mechanical properties. The special surface treatment for anti-rust usage in harsh environment is crucial, while the heat treatment is also important to strengthen the hardness and mechanical properties. The following parts by casting, forging and the secondary processing such as CNC machining, heat treatment and surface treatment help our company enjoy a high reputation from our customers.
- Gearbox Housing
- Torque Rod
- Engine Block.
- Engine Cover
- Oil Pump Housing
- Bracket

Here in the following are the typical components by casting and/or machining from our factory:

oem farm machinery spare parts
bushing-machining-carbon steel
forging tractor spare parts
Seeder parts-investment casting-wear resistant steel
gray cast iron tractor spare parts