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Casting Metals and Alloys

  • Estimation of Steel Casting Prices Per Pound, KG and Ton

    In this article we try to introduce some information about the estimated costs of cast steel castings by weight. Actually both the costs of cast iron castings and cast steel castings have the similar factors which can decide how much we cost, such as complexity of castin...
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  • Monel 400 Nickel Based Alloy

    Monel alloy is a Ni-based alloy, its main chemical composition is nickel (Ni), the highest content is up to 67%, the other main chemical composition is copper (Cu), and also contains a small amount of iron (Fe), manganese (Mn) and carbon ( C), silicon (Si) and other elem...
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  • Top 100 Iron & Steel Casting Foundries in China

    The foundry industry is one of the basic industries of the entire industry. Casting plays an increasingly important role in the field of modern machinery. Many metal forming parts cannot be manufactured without casting. With the rapid development of China's machinery man...
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  • Magnetic Properties of Grey Cast Iron

    The magnetic properties of gray cast iron vary widely, from low permeability and high coercive force to high permeability and low coercive force. These changes mainly depend on the mictrostructure of gray cast iron. Adding alloying elements to obtain the required magneti...
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  • Estimated Cost of Iron Sand Castings

    When our customers send their Request for Quotation (RFQ) to us, they usually want to know the rough cost of the desired custom casting of unit weight such as kg, pount or ton. To be honest, it is easy to give a rough cost, but very difficult to provide the exact cost be...
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  • How to Choose the Suitable Casting Process for Cast Iron

    Cast iron, which mainly covers gray cast iron, ductile cast iron, cast mealleable iron and other high alloy cast iron, is widely used in RMC Casting Foundry. The cast iron castings play an important role in modern industries. To select the right and suitable casting proc...
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  • CNC Precision Machining For Steel Castings

    To machine the steel castings by CNC is different from machining of steel profile. Precision steel castings has already achieve quite exact shape of what is desired, thus it saves lots of machining compared with machining from steel profile directly. Also because of this...
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  • How to Improve the Mechanical Properties of Gray Cast Iron Castings

    How to improve the mechanical properties of cast gray iron? Gray cast iron is an iron-carbon alloy in which the section surface is gray. Through the control of the composition and the solidification process, the carbon mainly appears in the form of flake graphite. The me...
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