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Grey Cast Iron Product by Sand Casting and Machining

Short Description:

Casting Metals: Grey Cast Iron, GG20, GG25

Casting Manufacturing: Sand Mould Casting + CNC Precision Machining

Application: Forklift Trucks

Weight: 3.20 kg

Available Surface Treatment:  Painting, Anodizing, Passivation, Electroplating, Zinc-plating, Hot-Zinc-Plating, Polishing, Electro-Polishing, Nickel-Plating, Blackening, Geomet, Zintek


Customized grey cast iron sand casting forklift truck spare parts from China casting manufacturer with OEM custom engineering services based on your requirements and drawings. 

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Grey cast iron products produced by sand mold casting and CNC precision machining processes. 

Capabilities of Sand Casting moulded by hand:
• Max Size: 1,500 mm × 1000 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 5,000 tons - 6,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request or Standard (ISO8062-2013 or Chinese Standard GB/T 6414-1999)
• Mold Materials: Green Sand Casting, Shell Mold Sand Casting.

Capabilities of Sand Casting by Automatic Molding Machines:
• Max Size: 1,000 mm × 800 mm × 500 mm
• Weight Range: 0.5 kg - 500 kg
• Annual Capacity: 8,000 tons - 10,000 tons
• Tolerances: On Request or According to Standard (ISO8062-2013 or Chinese Standard GB/T 6414-1999)
• Mold Materials: Green Sand Casting, Resin Coated Sand Shell Molding Casting.

The sand mold casting foundry at RMC is equipped with a complete metallurgical laboratory to determin the chemical and mechanical characteristics of each melt and to analyse the metallurgic condition of the molten metal before pouring. Microsections are examined under the microscope to obtain final information. If possible or needed, we can issure 3.1 Certificate for each delivery part on customers' demand. 

Sand casting products could serve in many industries such as Drums, Gear, Gear Housing, Mining Machinery, Mounting Block, Hydraulic Pressure Pump, Bearing Seat, Support Ring, Idler Wheel, Clamp, Mounting Bracket, Wheel Hub, Wedge Socket, Track Pad For Mining Equipment, Hydraulic Rod Yoke...etc.

Cast iron is an iron-carbon cast alloy with other elements that is made by remelting pig iron, scrap, and other additions. For differentia- tion from steel and cast steel, cast iron is defined as a cast alloy with a carbon content (min 2.03%) that ensures the solidification of the final phase with a eutectic transformation. Depending on chemical specifications, cast irons can be non- alloyed or alloyed. The range of alloyed irons is much wider, and they contain either higher amounts of common components, such as silicon and manganese, or special additions, such as nickel, chromium, aluminum, molybdenum, tungsten, copper, vana- dium, titanium, plus others. Generally speaking, the cast iron could be divided into gray iron, ducitle iron (nodular iron), white cast iron, compacted graphite iron and malleable cast iron. 

sand mold casting patterns for bucket teeth

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