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Gray Cast Iron Sand Casting Product

Short Description:

Cast Metal: Gray Cast Iron

Casting Process: Green Sand Casting / Resin Coated Sand Casting

Unit Weight of Casting: 5.60 kg

Surface Treatment: Shot Blasting + Machining + Painting

Heat Treatment: Annealing

Application: Pipe Connector


OEM custom cast iron sand castings with CNC machining and surface treatment services. Our casting foundry are making our efforts to optimize the casting costs by applying suitable casting technologies and developing the best engineering solutions with respect to the usability features of the final nodular iron castings. 

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China OEM Custom Gray Iron Sand Casting Products. CNC Machining Services are Available. 

Sand casting foundry is the metal foundry mainly using sand casting process to produce metal castings made of gray iron, ductile iron, cast steel, stainless steel, brass and aluminum alloys. Sand casting process is mainly used to produce grey iron castings and ductile iron castings. It could be divided into green sand, furan resin sand and pre-coated resin sand (shell molding) based on different sand materials. Cast iron sand castings have many advantages such as low costs, complex design, high effeciency, and good quality. Sand casting process is a suitable and good choice for iron casting parts unless the special or very high requirements have to be matched.

Green sand casting process is the most economic iron casting processes with lower pricing because the molding material is cheap and recyclable. Generally speaking, the advantages of green sand casting process include low price, simple production equipment, various unit weight (from 0.1 kg to 500 kg or bigger), and various structure of castings. Moreover, it can meet various quantity production requirements. Reasonably, the disadvantages of this process will be comparatively bad surface quality, more casting defects, and bigger dimensional tolerance.

Advantages of Sand Casting Process
1- Low Cost due to its cheap and recyclable mold materials and simple production equipment.
2- Wide range of unit weight from 0.10 kg to 500 kgs or even bigger.
3- Various Structure from simple type to complex type.
4- Suitable for production requirements of various quantity.

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