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Steel Sand Castings

  • Steel sand castings are the steel casting parts produced by sand casting process. Steel castings is the a combination of casting molding process and steel material metallurgy. They can not only have complex structure that are difficult to obtain by other forming processes, but also maintain the unique properties of steel, so the steel casting parts have a high important position in engineering structural materials. In most foundries, steel castings are mainly produced through these several casting processes: investment casting, lost foam casting, vacuum casting, sand casting and resin coated sand casting.
  • Cast steel can be divided into cast alloy steel and cast carbon steel according to its chemical composition, and can also be divided into cast tool steel, cast special steel, engineering and structural casting and cast alloy steel according to its characteristics. Casting alloy steel can be divided into cast low alloy steel (the total alloy elements are less than or equal to 5%), cast alloy steel (the total alloy elements are 5% to 10%) and cast high alloy steel (the total alloy elements are greater than or equal 10%).